When was the last time you visited your eye doctor? If your designer eyeglasses now seem like retro eyeglasses, the odds are pretty good that it’s time for you to make an appointment. According to specialists you should visit the eye doctor every year. [1] But let’s face it; remembering to make appointments of any kind can be difficult. The fast pace of modern life, where we are always “on call” makes it even harder. So what can you do to remember to make that important appointment and get in for your visit?

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Number One-Ask for a Phone Call

Sure, a phone call is old fashioned, but it still works. Your eye doctor wants your business, and that means placing a phone call is in his or her interest. If you state that you want a phone call reminder that its time to set up an appointment, you might just find that your doctor is more than willing to help you out!

Number Two-Ask for an Email Reminder to Be Sent

Just as your eye doctor is willing to call you to remind you to set up an appointment, his or her staff will also be willing to send you an email. Your eye doctor is most definitely in the 21st century, and an email will be no problem.

Number Three-Post Notes to Remind Yourself to Call

There is nothing silly about posting a note to remind yourself to do something as important as making an eye doctor appointment. Your vision is critically important. Failing to take care of your vision can lead to issues, such as headaches, due to wearing the wrong prescription. So post notes, and make that call!

Number Four-Ask Your Spouse, a Relative or Friend to Remind You

It is tough to remember every little thing that we should do on a given day. There is no shame in asking for a little help. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to ask for some help on making that important phone call.

Number Five-The Good Old Calendar

We may be in a high-tech, computer age, but the calendar (both the digital and old-fashioned paper ones) gets the job done. Every calendar and date book you own should have a note on it somewhere reminding you to call your eye doctor and make an appointment.

Visiting an optometrist is also critical if you notice major changes in your vision or start getting headaches, eye pain, blurred vision or dizziness. Other signs you should see the eye doctor as soon as possible include sudden tears, sinus issues and if you are having trouble seeing after an accident. [2]

Of course, making the appointment truly is only one part of the battle. The other aspect is to actually follow up and keep that appointment! Remember that going to the eye doctor is an investment in your health and well-being. But it is also an investment in your family and those that care about you as well. Any step you can take to improve your health is one that should be embraced, and if you follow all five of these different reminder tips, there is no way that you’ll forget to schedule an appointment!

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