If you really want to make a unique fashion statement, you can take fashion into your own hands and create do-it-yourself eyeglass cases. While many interesting eyeglass cases are on the market and some may even come free when you buy eyeglasses, there is nothing like a personal touch to give your glasses that extra “wow factor.” This article will take a look at some unique DIY projects that you can try at home with just some basic supplies. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create a new accessory that will draw positive attention to your glasses.

Tie Eyeglass Cases

Make Magazine had a fantastic idea for eyeglass cases. The publication suggested making them out of old ties! Obviously, there is no shortage of ties with interesting patterns to draw upon. And many fantastic ties can be found in thrift stores for a very low cost. This project should be fairly simple even for children and just requires a needle, thread, scissors, button, velcro dots, and some glue. [1] Tie eyeglass cases might just make the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Photo Source: oliveandlove.com

Leather Eyeglass Cases

Another interesting DIY eyeglass case was showcased on the TV show Project Runway. This chic design is made with leather and was created by show finalist Laura Bennett. Since her appearance on Project Runway, Bennett has gone on the record with information about how to make these eyeglass cases. She points out that they can be paid for with very little money. However, for this project, you will need some more advanced skills, like sewing and gluing leather. [2]

Martha Stewart Eyeglass Cases

Of course, the queen of crafts projects, Martha Stewart, has some interesting ideas for DIY eyeglass cases. She recommends a quilted look. [3] In this case, the material used is wool-rayon felt. She also recommends making a matching cover/case for your phone. This DIY project requires a topstitching technique called “stitch in the ditch.” You can read about how to undertake this project on the Martha Stewart website.

Photo Source: marthastewart.com


Furry Eyeglass Cases

Disney has a whimsical idea for DIY eyeglass cases that is showcased on the Disney Family Fun site. This indeed is a great project for kids, and it would make a great present for teachers. These furry cases come complete with little button eyes. The main material needed to make these fun eyeglass cases is craft fur. [4]

One important consideration is that, when you are making DIY eyeglass cases for your prescription glasses, be sure that they will actually be protective. In general, hard cases offer more protection and durability. The fact is that glasses are most commonly scratched when the owner is not wearing them. Unfortunately, once your glasses are scratched or out of alignment, you will no longer be experiencing optimal vision. As a result, it is quite essential that you ensure the safety of your glasses. Otherwise, you will be looking to buy a new pair of glasses before you know it!

Photo Source: familyfun.go.com

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