There are many benefits and drawbacks to both glasses and contact lenses. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately what is best for you depends on what you want to get from your eyewear.

Contact Lenses

There are many benefits to wearing contacts and a lot of things to consider when comparing eyeglasses vs. contact lenses. Vision feels more natural because they are worn right on your eyes. They are ideal for athletes because they do not block your view or distract your vision. They also do not fog up or collect precipitation.

Contact lenses also let you appear as you really look. People can see your face and your eyes. You also never have to worry about whether contact lenses match your outfit; they never clash with what you are wearing. You can even change your eye color with tinted lenses.

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There are many types of contact lenses available to treat vision problems. Each type of lens has its own pros and cons. The two main types of contact lenses are soft and hard contact lenses. While soft lenses are more comfortable, they also make your eyes more prone to infection than hard contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are also easier to take care of and last longer as long as your prescription does not change. [1] Hard contact lenses are also more likely to slip off of the eye and cause vision distortions and discomfort.

Some other cons of wearing contact lenses are that many people have a hard time learning to put them in. They also need to be cleaned regularly and many types cannot be slept in, so they have to be put in and taken out daily. If you lose one, they are also very hard to find. Contact lenses are more expensive than glasses and you usually still have to have a pair of glasses to wear as a backup.

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Eyeglasses also have pros and cons. You have a lot to take into consideration when deciding between eyeglasses vs. contact lenses.

One advantage is that glasses do not have to be cleaned daily the way contacts do. They are easier to put on and take off. They also do a better job of correcting astigmatism. [2] Glasses also do not dry out and get painful, and they help avoid eyestrain and headaches. They are also good for people with allergies as having watery eyes can prevent you from being able to wear contacts entirely.

One of the cons of wearing eyeglasses vs. contact lenses is that they can be considered big and bulky by some. They also fog up, collect precipitation, and can slide down your face if they are not fitted properly. [2] They are not good for playing sports and can block vision or increase the chance for injury. It is also possible that you will step or sit on them and lose a several hundred-dollar investment.

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Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses: The Choice Should Be About You

Whether contact lenses or glasses are better is entirely up to the individual. Both have pros and cons, and one might be the right solution for some but not others. Some find glasses very fashionable while others find them a hindrance to looking their best. Many people find glasses uncomfortable while others think sticking their finger in their eye is a horrible idea. Others do not care about any of this and let price decide which is the best option. Before you decide for yourself, look at all of the options and talk to your optometrist for advice.