There are few things more frustrating than buying a pair of expensive, designer eyeglasses, only to find out later you spent good money on fakes. These tips will help you spot fakes of some of the more popular brands.

When it comes to designer eyeglasses, there are some common traits to look for. First, the old adage “if it is too good to be true it probably is” applies to designer glasses and pricing. Also, most high-end eyeglasses have exceptional craftsmanship. Beware if they seem cheaply made.

The following details can help you identify fakes among specific brands of designer eyeglasses. If any of the characteristics mentioned are missing, you very well may be looking at fake glasses.

Fake Oakley

Oakley sunglasses are not likely to retail for under $75 and are accompanied by proper paperwork in the box or case. Oakley sunglasses will have their logo somewhere on the arms of the glasses. Also, a certified Oakley dealer can verify the authenticity of the sunglasses. [1]

To the right is an example of fake Oakley sunglasses.

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Fake Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana glasses retail for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. High craftsmanship is a hallmark of Dolce & Gabbana, so flimsy and/or cheap materials and plastics are not used. You should also inspect the finish to ensure there are not chips or cracks. The eyeglasses should come with a certificate of authenticity as well as accessories such as a case and cleaning cloth. [2]

Fake Fendi

Each pair of Fendi sunglasses sports a clear Fendi label on the left lens, near the bottom left corner. Inside the temple arm, the sunglasses will have a model number, color code, and indicate they were made in Italy.  [3]

To the left is an example of fake Fendi sunglasses.

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Fake Versace

The glasses will have the Versace logo on them. Like other brands, Versace is based in Italy and its glasses are made in that country. Also, they use products that do not peel, so ensure the finish on the glasses is not coming off or faded. [4]

Fake Cartier

Cartier Eyeglasses have a seven-digit serial number, usually beginning with the number “3.” A consumer may call Cartier at 1-800-447-7405 to verify if the serial number is real. The serial number is often engraved somewhere on the glasses in very small fine print that is difficult to see.  Cartier eyeglasses usually cost over $200. Cartier uses small round metal screws to hold its eyeglasses together, rather than plastic. Also, the glasses come in a hard black case, not in soft brown leather.  [5]

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Fake Armani

The sunglasses, case, and cleaning cloth should sport the Armani logo and it should be crisp and clear, and not smudge. Verify model numbers, which can be looked up online. Armani sunglasses are made only in Italy and boast superb craftsmanship. Also, Armani glasses are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. [6]

Fake Ray-Ban

Check the box that the Ray-Ban glasses came in. A sticker on the box will contain various pieces of information, including a serial number, distributor details, and the model number of the glasses. The case will contain a gold engraved (not painted) logo. Also, hold up the glasses and check for the Ray-Ban logo, an interlocking RB, on the nose of the glasses. It should be right-side-up if you hold the glasses upside down. Also, the RB logo should be engraved above the hinge on the right lens.  [7]

Above is an example of authentic Ray Ban glasses. Real ones have a logo similar to this.

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Fake Gucci

Gucci glasses are manufactured only in Italy, and the ear piece will clearly say “Made in Italy.” Gucci glasses are numbered, and that number is embedded in the frame. Again, price is an issue as well. The lower the price, the more likely it is a fake. [8]

Fake Prada

Like Gucci, Prada glasses are made only in Italy by manufacturer Luxottica. Also, Prada glasses come in a box that include a Prada cleaning cloth, Luxottica information booklet, Prada case, and certificate of authenticity that resembles a white credit card. A matching serial number is engraved on the lenses and on the temple of the glasses, as well. [9]

This is an example of authentic Prada glasses with all of the things that come with them.

Fake Christian Dior

Christian Dior sunglasses will have their name spelled out inside the temple in white lettering and will indicate that they are made in Italy. They also have verifiable model numbers and color codes. [10]