Eyeglasses stand out as being one of the easiest, quickest, and most effective ways to change how you look. In an instant, you can put on a pair of glasses and change your entire appearance. This fact has made eyeglasses and sunglasses a key prop for fashion designers and moguls throughout the decades. Yet, colored lenses, as we will see in this article, are not simply limited to sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. Colored lenses can be used in a variety of interesting ways.

Sunglasses, the Ultimate Colored Lenses

Of course, no discussion of colored lenses would be complete without acknowledging the ultimate in colored lenses, sunglasses. The colored lenses of sunglasses serve to give you a great deal of functionality, as they block out bright lights and sunlight. They are available in a variety of colors including brown/gray/green, yellow/gold/amber, and rose/vermillion. Yellow/gold/amber lenses provide the best depth perception, brown/gray/green lenses reduce eyestrain, and rose/vermillion lenses provide the best visibility in low-light situations. [1]

Colored lenses on sunglasses also are frequently to make a fashion statement. You can see them on the runways, as they are popular with a variety of famous designers. Simply put, what would sunglasses be without colored lenses?

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Making a Fashion Statement

Colored lenses can be used not just in prescription sunglasses but in eyeglasses as well. There are a few reasons that you might want to choose this option, but one of the very top reasons is that colored lenses can be used to achieve a dramatic fashion impact. Just as a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can change your entire look, the same can be stated for colored lenses in eyeglasses.

Colored eyeglass lenses are of great use from a fashion perspective in that you can have many different pairs of eyeglasses with different colored lenses. This enables you to have many different fashion looks and coordinate your clothing with your eyeglasses. It’s fun, easy, and most definitely makes a bold fashion statement!

Colored eyeglass lenses also give you a degree of protection against bright light and glare from the sun. For limited use, eyeglasses with colored lenses can be quite useful in this regard.

Colored Lenses for Sports and Computer Work

Many people frequently choose colored lenses as a way of dealing with eyestrain, as colored lenses can help reduce glare. Often colored lenses are used in such eyewear options as prescription sports eyeglasses and computer eyeglasses. These are two examples of when colored lenses can be extremely useful in cutting down on glare. [2]

There are many different color options when choosing eyeglasses lenses. Your optometrist will be able to guide you as to what options make the most sense for you. From a fashion perspective, there is a lot of fun to be had by using colored lenses to change up your look and augment your wardrobe. If you’ve never tried colored lenses before, maybe now is the right time!

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