A useful byproduct of wearing eyeglasses is that they generally make people look more intelligent. This statement is so accurate that it is practically accepted as a universal fact around the world. Eyeglasses seem to cut across cultural and language barriers quite well in helping wearers appear smart and trustworthy.

Eyeglasses Have Both a Conscious and Subconscious Impact

Now you consciously may be thinking, “I don’t judge people based upon whether or not they are wearing eyeglasses.” However, on the subconscious level, you likely believe that an eyeglass wearer is just at least a “little” smarter. Of course, being perceived as a “little” smarter in a competitive job market can translate into getting a great job with better pay.

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The Perception of Intelligence, Reliability, and Creativity

People often state that they feel that those who are wearing eyeglasses are not just more intelligent, but are also more reliable and even more creative. Further, according to studies, 1/3 of people feel that glasses make people look more professional. [1] Professional, reliable, and creative are three adjectives that most employers would use when describing the kind of employees that they would like to have. Now if eyeglasses can give you that kind of edge, why not wear them? In fact, some people with perfect vision have been known to wear eyeglasses to job interviews just because of the positive message that eyeglasses impart to the world.

Eyeglasses: The Right Tool for the Right Job

While wearing glasses to a job interview can give you an edge, it is very important to realize that not any pair of glasses are the right fit. Offbeat, unusual, goofy, and overly, well, nerdy eyeglasses could be a negative. Of course, this depends largely upon the kind of job you are applying to get. If you are looking to land a job as a tattoo artist, then it is quite unlikely that a pair of “funky” eyeglasses is really going to work against you. However, if you are looking to land a job as the head of research at a pharmaceutical company, perhaps your “wildest” pair of eyeglasses should stay safely at home in their case.

Further, make sure that you don’t make a fashion faux pas with your glasses. For example, wearing sunglasses on the top of your head is considered to be a definite job interview no-no. [2]

Use Eyeglasses to Look Polished

Picking the right pair of eyeglasses for your particular job interview is key. This is one reason that having multiple pairs of eyeglasses is a good idea. By having many different pairs of eyeglasses to choose from, you can select a pair that works well with your outfit. This will also serve to help you create a polished overall look. Employers don’t just want intelligent, reliable, and creative employees, but they also want employees that are presentable. Eyeglasses can, in this way, work wonders in helping you transform your look and make the most out of your appearance as well.

In many cases, people who worry that they look too young for a job can give themselves a more sophisticated look with a pair of glasses. As a result, those giving job interview advice often recommend going out and buying a fake pair of glasses even if they aren’t necessary for good vision. [3]

Eyeglasses allow you to help create a positive first impression. Getting the job you want isn’t as simple as putting on a pair of “power glasses,” but using eyeglasses as part of your overall strategy is a good idea and one that will very likely help you come interview time!

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