Damaging your eyeglasses is something that you clearly want to avoid. The list of ways that people damage their eyeglasses is indeed long. People make mistakes like stepping on their glasses and even sitting on their glasses. Eyeglasses also commonly break during sports activities. However, one of the easiest times to damage your eyeglasses and your eyeglasses lenses is at night.

It is not uncommon for many eyeglass wearers to be a little reckless with their eyeglasses after dark. After all, when one is sleepy, mistakes are much more common. This is why it makes sense to have some simple rules and rituals regarding the care of your eyeglasses at night.

Avoid Falling Asleep While Wearing Your Eyeglasses

Managing to not fall asleep while wearing your eyeglasses can be a tricky task, especially if you are up to the early hours studying or partying. In addition, as we get older, it is a bit tough to make sure that we don’t fall asleep wearing our eyeglasses. Yet, avoiding sleeping while wearing your eyeglasses is one of the best ways to keep your eyeglasses from becoming scratched or getting a bent or damaged frame.

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A Safe, Easily Accessible Place for Your Eyeglasses

Leaving your eyeglasses on the bed is definitely a bad idea and one that you should avoid. Clearly, this is a very easy way to damage your eyeglasses as you could literally sleep on them! Having a safe place where you routinely store your eyeglasses at night is a must (and a nearby area on the floor doesn’t count as a good option). It is also quite useful to store your glasses in a sturdy case.

The Night Table and Nightstand Option

Night tables and stands are good places to keep your eyeglasses when you are sleeping, but there are a few points to consider. One is that eyeglasses that are left on night tables and nightstands are frequently knocked off and damaged or scratched. If you leave your eyeglasses on a night table or nightstand that does not have drawers, you should always consider placing your eyeglasses in an eyeglass case. This will protect your eyeglasses and eyeglass lenses from damage in the event that they are knocked off onto the floor.

Where to Store Your Eyeglasses When Traveling

Keeping your eyeglasses safe and undamaged can be made considerably more difficult while traveling. Traveling introduces many different variables that may increase your chances for damaging your eyeglasses. Staying in a hotel may mean that you don’t have your normal storage options. One way of addressing this is to simply store your eyeglasses across the room on a table or even near a television if necessary. The last thing you want to do while on a trip is to scramble to try and find another pair of eyeglasses. Then again, you always travel with a spare pair of eyeglasses, right? You should!

Follow the tips outlined here and you’ll dramatically decrease the chances of your eyeglasses being damaged at night. At first, you might have some difficulty adjusting your old habits, but hang in there. After a few days, it will begin to be second nature.