The importance of investing in an annual eye exam is difficult to overstate for a variety of different reasons. Your eye health can actually tell a doctor a great deal about your overall health and well-being. Not only does an eye exam check your vision, but it can also check for a range of other health issues as well. In this article, we will look at the importance of eye exams and the role that annual eye exams can play in one’s overall health as well.

Eye Exams and Maintaining Your Vision

When it comes to eye exams, most people realize that it’s important to have an exam in order to determine if you they need eyeglasses or if their prescription needs to be altered. However, what many people do not realize is just how fast your eyesight can change. That means that, in order to have optimal vision, you will need new eyeglasses.

Having optimal vision can play a role in everything from safe driving to enjoying entertainment. Not having the right prescription for your eyes or not having glasses when you need them comes with a variety of consequences. Investing the time and money in an annual eye exam helps to ensure that you always have the best vision possible. When you get a comprehensive exam, your eyesight is tested along with your eye pressure, muscle coordination, and the well-being of the external and internal structure. [1]

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Eye Exams Allows for a Glaucoma Check

An eye exam is also important as it can check for glaucoma. Knowing if you have glaucoma, especially in the disease’s early stages, can give you important options and open up some treatment avenues to explore. [2] Considering the seriousness of the condition, a glaucoma check alone is enough to justify an annual visit to your optometrist.

An Annual Eye Exam Allows Your Doctor to Check for Detached Retinas

Another way that an annual eye exam can serve you is it can check for detached retinas, which, of course, can lead to a loss of vision. Modern instruments allow for your doctor to get an excellent view of your eye and, in the process, gives a good deal of detailed information about the structure of your eye and how well it is functioning. When it comes to preventing detached retinas, early diagnosis is essential. If you have an issue like diabetes that increases the changes of retina issues, it is even more important to have your eyes checked frequently. [3]

Make Sure You Communicate All Symptoms and Issues

Meeting with your optometrist on an annual basis allows you to communicate any eye-related symptoms that you may be having. Issues that may not seem very relevant or important to you may be warning signs to your optometrist. With this fact in mind, it is critical that you are open and honest when discussing your eye health with your optometrist or other eye care professionals.

A Basic Eye Exam Can Give You 6 Key Pieces of Information

1) Checks for basic eye health

2) Establishes what strength of prescription you need

3) Establishes whether or not you need glasses

4) Serves to detect diseases and conditions, such as glaucoma

5) Serves as a way to check for eye health issues, such as detached retinas

6) Allows you to communicate any problems or issues that you may be having