From all the vantage points on our sphere of gas, rock and water – we can see an array of delights in our skies that get closer and more detailed as technology advances.   There are many technologies that send signals, magnify, and listen to the silent whispers that are left behind thousands of years before – and every year, humanity gains knowledge and learns exponentially more about our vast galaxy and beyond.

The Infographic below represents a sampling of recent projects that are still commissioned by governments and collaborators around the world,  for example the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and projects underway at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the U.S., aim to advance space exploration from right here at home.  Its interesting to see that in some cases, regions and groups of countries come together to fund such exploratory projects, presumably in the hopes of having that project find the newest breakthrough in Astronomy.  Without these scientific creations humans would have to rely solely on their eyes.


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