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If you’ve recently found out that your child needs glasses, you may be a bit unsure about how to choose the right pair of eyeglasses. Buying children’s eyeglasses isn’t much different from buying glasses for an adult. The important differences come into play when choosing the best pair of kids’ eyeglasses for your child’s needs.

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Choose Age-Appropriate Kids’ Glasses

A big part of choosing your children’s eyeglasses is making sure that the frames are appropriate for your child’s age. Metal frames are more flexible and lightweight, but they are more prone to becoming bent. If your child is very young or a bit rough on toys and other objects, you may want to consider sturdy plastic frames.

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A Nose is Not a Nose: Proper Bridge Fit is Vital

Most children’s noses are not fully developed; they lack the bridge they’ll have as adults. Most manufacturers of kids’ eyeglasses take this into consideration, designing and sizing their frames appropriately. Adjustable nose pads will also go a long way to making sure your child’s glasses stay where they belong. Pay special attention to bridge fit when your child is trying on glasses. If they have their heart set on a pair that seems to slip down the nose, ask if nose pads or a smaller frame are available.

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Which Temple or Earpiece is Best?

One of the things you’ll need to consider when you’re choosing your children’s eyeglasses is which temple style is best. There are basically two types: cable temples and standard temples. Cable temples have a more curved earpiece, reaching fully around the ear. These are great for the youngest children, who have tiny ears. They’re also good for keeping glasses on while your child is playing.

However, if your child will only need to wear the glasses part of the time, standard temples may be a better choice. They’ll be easier to put on and take off without excessive pulling, which could stretch the hinges or damage the frames.

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Scratch Coating Protects Your Glasses and Your Investment

Most glasses come standard with some type of scratch coating. However, kids are notoriously hard on eyeglasses. An extra coating of scratch protection is a good idea and very inexpensive.

You’ll be replacing your children’s eyeglasses often enough, as their heads grow and prescriptions change. Protecting your child’s glasses from scratches on the lenses can help to make each pair last as long as possible.

Spring Hinges are Another Good Feature

Spring hinges allow for a bit more flexibility in your children’s eyeglass frames. They give the temples more stretch, which can be very handy for kids’ eyeglasses. Children have a tendency to take off their glasses in a hurry or with one hand, which can stretch and eventually damage the frames. Spring hinges may cost a bit extra, but they can save you substantial money on repairing or replacing your kid’s eyeglasses.

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Kids are Fashion-Conscious, Too

Some kids are excited to find out they’ll be wearing glasses. Others feel sentenced to fashion doom. Once you’ve decided on the best type of glasses for your child and the extras that you’ll need, allow your child some freedom of expression. If they’re able to choose the style, shape, and color they like best, they’ll feel better about wearing the glasses. They may also be more inclined to take good care of a pair that they actually like.

There are plenty of kids’ eyeglasses available that are trendy and cool. If your child actually likes their new glasses, they’ll be more likely to keep them on when you’re not looking.

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