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Headaches can have a wide range of different causes and should always be taken seriously. With that stated, however, it isn’t healthy to jump to the worst conclusion possible, as there are many diverse reasons for why you may be experiencing headaches. It may have to do with your eyesight, but it also could be something different altogether.

Headaches can be caused, for example, by a lack of sleep. [1] One study from Missouri State University recently showed that when rats didn’t get REM sleep, the proteins that trigger pain in their bodies began to change. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body activates a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol causes inflammation in the body, and this can lead to headaches. Another source of headaches is stress and once again the stress hormone cortisol comes into play.

Diet Could Be at the Root of Your Headaches

Diet is also a major culprit in causing headaches. If you are eating a diet that is high in processed foods and fast foods, you will likely get both headaches and aches and pains throughout your body. The reason, once again, is inflammation. When you eat foods that are high in sugar, chemicals, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients, your body reacts in a variety of ways and headaches can be on the top of the list. [2]

Lifestyle choices also play a role in headaches. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking cause oxidative damage to the body and that results in inflammation. Further, cigarettes have countless chemicals in them that are know to cause a wide range of health problems.

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Vision Problems and Headaches

While there are many different reasons for headaches, problems with vision most certainly deserve to be on the list. You may have known someone that was having unexplained headaches who visited his or her optometrist only to find that with a new eyeglass prescription the headaches went away. Your eyeglass prescription will change gradually over time. If you wait a few years to see your optometrist, your prescription may have changed and you won’t even know it. This issue can result in eyestrain that causes headaches. A new pair of designer eyeglasses with the right prescription can do far more than just make you look better, as they may also help you feel better as well if you are suffering from eyestrain and headaches. [3]

Of course, there are many different reasons that you may be experiencing headaches. If you are having consistent and severe headaches, it may be time to visit your doctor. However, it is important to realize that dietary and lifestyle changes may be the root of your headache problems. Likewise, you may discover that your headaches go away after a visit to your optometrist. Ultimately, you shouldn’t assume that you headaches are the result of something serious. Instead, begin eliminating possible causes until you finally discover what is causing your headaches.


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