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Migraines are a serious issue, and they are not completely understood by medical science. People who suffer from migraines will tell you that they can be completely debilitating. Sufferers of migraines often tell stories of not being able to function as they normally would. Migraines can be so severe that sufferers are left to do little more than sit in a dark room and hope that the pain goes away.

A Migraine is Far More than a Headache

Those who have never had a migraine may feel that it is just a “very bad headache,” however this is not the case. A migraine is severe in nature and can accompany symptoms that are totally foreign to a typical headache. For example, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity issues and extreme fatigue may accompany a migraine.

The pain of a migraine can be of such intensity that it also impacts mood and can lead to depression and not surprisingly irritability. In short, a migraine can be debilitating. Because migraine sufferers also have vision disturbances like loss of vision, eye pain and light sensitivity, people tend to think about visiting their eye doctor when these issues occur.

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Food is Often Sited as a Migraine Trigger

Migraines may happen for no reason at all, but there is considerable evidence that migraines also may have triggers. These triggers can be surprisingly diverse in nature. They include stress and fatigue, harsh lighting and a reaction to food additives like MSG and sodium nitrate. [1]

Could a Healthier Lifestyle Mean Fewer Migraines?

Many people have found that adopting a healthier lifestyle has served to reduce the severity and occurrences of migraines. Exercise, dietary changes, quitting smoking, and practicing meditation and yoga are all examples of lifestyle changes that have helped migraine sufferers in the past. Yet, this does not necessarily work for everyone.

Is it Time to Visit Your Eye Doctor?

If you are experiencing migraine headaches, there are steps that you can take to potentially reduce your symptoms. One step is visiting your eye doctor. On occasion, people discover that their symptoms lessen as a result of getting a new prescription. Imagine if a new pair of designer eyeglasses or retro eyeglasses was all you needed to dramatically improve your health! This simple step is often overlooked.

However, your migraines could be caused by an eye injury or disorder. If that is the case, it is important that you see an eye doctor as soon as possible. It is essential to rule out the possibility that a serious eye issue is causing your problems. It is interesting to note that in 2000, a study took a look at people in the UK who visited the doctor for an eye exam. As it turned out, 10% of men, and 23% of women were experiencing migraines. [2] Overall, considerably more women than men suffer from migraines. The exact reason for this factor is still unknown, but hormones are suspected. [3]

Dental Issues and Migraines

Another overlooked avenue for migraine sufferers to explore is dental. A trip to your dentist could prove useful. If you have jaw alignment problems, for example, this could lead to serious pain issues and perhaps aggravate your migraines.

Quite often nutritionists can be of assistance in helping migraine sufferers determine their food triggers. If your migraines are usually triggered by food, then working with a nutritionist could very well be worth every penny.

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