Buy and Give

Mezzmer believes individuals and businesses together should align philanthropically to give back to our communities and to programs that make a difference. We’ve selected five admirable organizations that provide invaluable assistance to those in need of help. Three percent of every completed purchase will be donated to a charity and we ask you to select one that resonates most strongly with you. Mezzmer will donate three percent of the purchase to your selection.

Helen Keller International.

Founded in 1915 by Helen Keller, this organization spans 22 countries around the world. It endeavors to eliminate preventable blindness and to ensure people no longer suffer the effects of poor nutrition.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Their mission is to attain prevention and a cure for breast cancer by providing funding to medical centers around the world, and increasing awareness about breast health.

Animal Welfare Institute.

Founded in 1951, this organization seeks to minimize all of the effects of human actions that are destructive to all animals.

Action Against Hunger/ACF International.

This leading organization fights to end world hunger, battles malnutrition, and works to provide communities means to safe water and an answer to sustainable food supplies.

Big Brothers Big Sisters.

This organization helps children achieve their full capabilities and potential by providing relationships with mentors.

Mezzmer has no affiliation with any of the charitable organizations listed on this page.