Style + Substance: How We Make the Looks


Mezzmer style is vintage. Urban. Striking. Intelligent. Confident. For someone who wants to make a quiet statement, who doesn’t need attention but commands it nonetheless. Not everyone can wear Mezzmer, but everyone is aware of Mezzmer.

Mezzmer Design

We’re fans of the classics, and we’re inspired by vintage shapes of days past. But we live in the modern world. So we combined classic looks with modern sensibilities to craft glasses that look at home on Madison Ave or Silicon Valley, book club or yacht club, and everywhere in between.



Our frames are forged from the highest quality materials. Durability, flexibility and versatility are coupled with rock-solid frame accents and hinges.


Mezzmer frames are built to the same standards as high-end boutique brands you’d pay much more for. Our frames are made in the same factories that produce high fashion eyewear that costs upwards of $300 – not including lenses. From frame fabrication, to polishing, to fulfillment, we work directly with our optical lab to keep costs down every step of the way.


Our lenses are similar to top-of-line lenses crafted by labs serving premium boutiques.
Made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, they’re light and thin, and coated with anti-glare and anti-scratch layers.

High Index 1.67

High-index lenses are available for those in need of a prescription above -4.00. These lenses are comprised of special materials that reduce lens thickness by up to 55% (depending on your prescription). For a mere $30 more, we can provide these lenses with your order. You’ll be given the option to add high-index lenses when you place your order.